Our Team

Jeff Henderson
Sue Henderson

My name is Jeff Henderson. I grew up in the little town of New Athens in Harrison County surrounded by animals on our small farm. I have lived in Central Ohio for 17 years, the past 10+ years in Pickerington. I am a 1986 graduate of Ohio University and have worked in the property-casualty insurance industry for the past 31 years.


I am tasked with handling the behind the scenes business aspects of our company, enabling Sue to focus on the actual care of our animal friends, which is her true passion.  She does allow me to assist in the evenings, on weekends and holidays when there is an opportunity, which is always a  welcome change of pace. It is always fun to have the opportunity to play with a dog or a cat and to see the happy and excited looks on their faces. As the saying goes "happiness is a smile on a dog"! I think that smile can be contagious and it is something I look forward to!

My name is Sue Henderson. I grew up in Clintonville and have lived most of my life in Central Ohio. I grew up having numerous pets and have always had a deep love of animals; so much so that as a young adult I volunteered at the local pet store to bathe, walk and feed the puppies just for the joy of doing so.

I left the workforce to stay at home with our two boys while they were young.  Of course our home always had a variety of pets as part of our family. When the boys reached middle school, I returned to work for 12 years on a part time basis working in the local school districts, the last 7 of those in the Pickerington Local School District as a ParaPro assisting special needs children. While this work was very rewarding, my true passion is the care of animals.

As a stay at home mom and then part time worker, I was frequently asked by friends, neighbors and relatives to care for their pets while they were  away for the day or on vacation. This was something that I loved doing.  As I spoke with other persons, I frequently heard the same message: they all needed someone they could rely on to care for their pets while they were at work, while they were out of town or when they were on vacation. With my passion being the care of animals and recognizing the great need for this care, I decided to leave my work at the schools and form Pet Pals of Pickerington to fill this need.  I now no longer work; I do something that I love to do!

If you have a pet pal that is in need of care, we would love to provide it.  Please contact me to discuss your needs and together we can design a plan that meets your needs and those of your pal.